joi, aprilie 08, 2010


M-am saturat de persoanele suferinde de boli precum pupincurism acut si shefism cronic...

luni, februarie 08, 2010


Si un peste singuratic arata mai bine ca voi. Botic tzuguiat vopsit cu vaselina colorata (sclipici bonus), zdrentze "asortate"- o nuanta de roz "potrivita" la alta nuanta roz, putina magenta, bonus geanta si pantofiori acelasi plastic, aceeasi nuanta (macar atat)... suferiti cumva de curvasaraie cronica? kitsch stiti ce inseamna? penibilitate va zice ceva? nu? cauta pe google. si nu, google nu e cocalar, nu iti da bani si nu te poate satisface cum vrei tu... decat mental...


Nu inteleg! Pitipoance in lenjerie "sacsi" cu jucarii de plush pe langa ele :| Un fel de Dots ambalat in mult prea mult kitsch. Partea "dulce" de dinauntru, partea "hot" la exterior. Fals, fals, fals... Pititzi plushurile, nu v-au facut nimic ca sa le maltratati cu "sacsismul" vostru. Mesajul transmis e un fel de "curva dulce"? Fetita lui taticu' scapata de sub control? Inca o intrebare retorica: cand va-ti urcat ultima oara pe cantar?

duminică, ianuarie 31, 2010

they say i'm...

messy, disorganized, not rule conscious, rebellious, rash, weird, ambivalent about chaos, likes bizarre things, anti-authority, not good at saving money, not a perfectionist, leaves many things unfinished, low self control, strange, desires more attention, romantic daydreamer, abstract, leisurely, likes the unknown....

'n they are right!


Desires to be respected by others in order to gain their trust and support for her own personal gain.

Your Stress Sources
"Avoids pressure from others and insists on developing her individual independence. Wants to make up her own mind with resistance from others or outside forces, and needs the freedom to make her own decisions. Wants to be looked at as a wise individual whose opinions are respected, and has a hard time admitting she is wrong. Can be reluctant to accept or understand other people's opinions or point of view."

Your Restrained Characteristics
"Tries to participate and involve herself in things going on around him; however, avoids conflict and arguments to reduce stress and tension."

Feels unhappy and isolated because she is unable to succeed in finding the cooperation and understanding she desires.

Feels unhappy and isolated because she is unable to succeed in finding the cooperation and understanding she desires.

"Feels she is not receiving her fair share and is unable to rely on anyone for support or sympathy. she keeps her emotions bottled up, leaving her quick to take offense to small things. she tries to make the best of her situation."

Your Desired Objective
Alert and very observant. Always looking for new opportunities which offer freedom and the hope of making the most of them. Looking to prove herself and be recognized for her for her achievements. Feels separated from others and constantly trying to bridge that gap.

Your Actual Problem
"Feeling unimportant in this current situation, and is looking for different conditions where she will be able to better prove her worth and importance."

Your Actual Problem #2
"Feeling held back and restricted from moving forward, looking for a solution that will give her more freedom and less obstacles."

luni, ianuarie 11, 2010

फर्स्ट one

.felie de om.: vreau un bec spart cu creasta din care iese fum si care are picioare cu convershi
Miez: haha

marți, ianuarie 05, 2010

marți, decembrie 29, 2009


Un film care m-a marcat. The pianist. Geez.

She says she's clean now. I hope she is. She does not desurve this. She's better, she desurves better. She desurves to be loved, clean, apreciated, to be respected. She's great support for me, she's my morning light not just my best friend. I love to love her cuz she needs it, i need to love her, 'n i love showin' her how much i care about her... she has that light that makes me think positive, she makes me see the best of this world.

duminică, decembrie 13, 2009


happy day after sad bday 'n joyfull bday in the same time : chill 'n morning coffee, candle lights, roses 'n him. loveble, romantic.. love to love him. no sense. just inloved.

sâmbătă, decembrie 12, 2009

sad bday.

20. new life. new love. real love. sad but with hope in my soul, not like it used to be. everything changes hopefully in good.

tokahontas says

welcOme tO my page (: